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Someday, You Could Advocate For Your Community, Like Taté Walker

Meet Taté Walker, Editor of Native Peoples magazine. As a Lakota woman, Taté advocates for many issues, including fair and accurate media representation, to lift up Native American communities.

Someday You Could Be a Scholar Activist, Like Aiesha Turman

Are you passionate about promoting healing and knowledge within your ethnic community? Or, are you interested in supporting a community as an ally? Someday you could be a scholar activist, like Aiesha Turman.

Cyclists Building Peace

Cyclists from across the world are building peace with help from a growing community called Warm Showers.

Little Free Libraries: Is There One in Your Neighborhood?

As public libraries disappear because of defunding, Little Free Libraries are thriving. In 2010, Todd Bol started this community-book-sharing program in Wisconsin.

From the Bronx, Hip-Hop Activists Rebel Diaz Rap for Change

Bronx-based hip-hop group Rebel Diaz is using its musical influence to bring the local community together and create powerful, positive change.