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Why Care About the First Amendment?

What has having First Amendment rights meant for those fighting for social justice, and for young people?

“Without Disruption There Is No Progress”: Activists Shape Conversations on the Campaign Trail

Activists of color have been getting involved in many ways during this year’s presidential campaign, from interrupting rallies to hosting voter registration drives.

Following Up on Justice While Black

While mainstream awareness of police brutality toward black men, women and children has grown in the last few years due to citizen activism, not much has changed in terms of legal justice.

United Nations Recommends Reparations

The United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent has recommended that descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States be paid reparations, and more.

Student Activists Fight Campus Racism

After weeks of protests against a culture of racism on the University of Missouri campus, and a week-long hunger strike by student Jonathan Butler, the school’s president, Tim Wolfe, resigned two days after the football team joined the protests by going on strike. Mizzou students are not alone, as students at universities across North America are calling for an end to campus racism.

Chicago Police Department Under Investigation

Outrage in Chicago after Laquan McDonald, an African-American teenager, was shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer.

The Power of Student Protest

When students and young people have organized and demanded change, the outcomes have been tremendous. The voices of youth have had a special role in creating positive changes in revolutionary movements from the 20th century through today.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, a grassroots social justice movement that protests police violence against unarmed Black and Latino people, is sweeping the country and growing every day. From the Millions March to “die-ins,” activists of all ages are raising voices and fists to demand an end to police killings of unarmed Black and Latino people.

Interview with Millions March NYC Organizer, Synead Nichols

IndyKids reporter Alejandra Paulino had the opportunity to interview one of the main organizers of the Millions March NYC Synead Nichols about her activism.

Radical Monarchs Take Flight in Oakland

In 2014, Anayvette Martinez’s fourth grade daughter wanted to join a girl’s group similar to but separate from the Girl Scouts of the USA. The Radical Monarchs were born.