Meet our Reporters

The IndyKids newspaper is produced by kids, for kids. Our journalists range from ages 9-16 and report on a diversity of meaningful topics and social justice issues for kids around the world.

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sole Soledad Aguilar-Colon
I am 11 years old. I live in Washington Heights and go to WestSide Collaborative middle school. I like to dance, play the piano, debate issues, and learn about political topics. I joined IndyKids because I want to write about topics that will help kids learn about the world. I like to write about climate change, girls rights, and the environment.
Eliya Ahmad
Eliya Ahmad, age 10, lives in Brooklyn, NY. She goes to P.S. 261, and she is in fifth grade. She loves to write anything, and has been writing for IndyKids since October 2011. She really likes reading, writing, fencing, playing clarinet, playing piano, hanging out with her friends, swimming and other activities.
Kavi Kashmiri Ahmed Kavi Kashmiri Ahmed
My name is Kavi Kashmiri Ahmed and I am 10.9 years old. I live in Manhattan and I go to Mott Hall II, which is on 109th Street. I like WWE and Bionicles and I also like to read and write. I want to join Kid Reporters to learn how to be a science reporter and write about environment and animals and nature.
Amzad Amzad Ali
My name is Amzad Ali and I am 12 years old. I live in Jackson Heights, Queens, N.Y. with my parents and younger sister and attend I.S. 230. I like to dance, play the clarinet, swim, make animations, read books and go to Boy Scouts. I especially like cars. I like to draw cars, fix cars, and collect Hess trucks and cars. I joined IndyKids because I want to write my thoughts about the world in newspaper form and let the world read what I have to say. In addition, I would also like to write about cars and the latest automotive technologies.
Rida Rida Ali
My name is Rida and I am 11 years old. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn and go to PS 146 (The Brooklyn New School). I like to swim, I love to write and read and go to the park. I joined the Kid Reporter Program because I really like to write and show kids that not only adults can read or write for the newspaper. I would like to write about what kids in New York and around the world are up to. Or what kid programs are happening around the neighborhood.
Sabat Sabat Ali
My name is Sabat Ali and I am nine years old. I am in fourth grade. My school is P.S.69Q. I have an older brother named Amzad. I love to swim, read, write, draw, crochet, and do karate. I am also a Girl Scout junior and I play the violin and recorder. I love to do gym in school and want to be a doctor when I grow up. I want to join the kid reporter program because I love to write and I want to be a good writer. Also, I want to be able to write about the latest news. Lastly, I want to prove to people that just because I am I kid, I can do a lot of things.
Alexia Alexia Almonte
Alexia Almonte, age 11, lives in Manhattan, New York City, where she goes to Tompkins Square Middle School. She loves to write science briefs for IndyKids, where she’s been a kid reporter since August 2011. Her favorite hobby is listening to music.
photo Faye Aston
Faye Aston, age 11, lives in Queens, New York. She is currently attending the Louis Armstrong Middle School (I.S.227). A few of her many interests are reading, writing, drawing, and knitting. She joined IndyKids so she could learn how to improve her writing based off of others’ writing. She would like to write about the fact that many schools are having longer days.
Oscar Oscar Aston
Oscar Aston is 11 years old and lives in Astoria, Queens. He goes to school at the Louis Armstrong Middle School or IS 227. He likes to play with his friends, he likes to draw, play the violin, and play baseball or basketball. He also likes reading but it depends on what book. Oscar joined IndyKids because he likes writing stories.
Ryen indy kids Ryen Olivia Babbs
Hello, my name is Ryen Olivia Babbs. I am eight years old. I live in Harlem, New York. I go to HHS (Hamilton Heights School). My hobbies are singing, dancing, acting, swimming and last but not least, cooking. I like to bike ride around Central Park. I like to play wrestling with my older sister. I joined IndyKids because it’s really fun to learn and write about new things.
Nylu-225x225 Nylu Avery Bernshtayn
My name is Nylu Avery Bernshtayn, and I am 8 years old. I live in Flatbush, Brooklyn and go to PS 146, the Brooklyn New School. I love to knit, run track, play guitar, and hang with my family! I want to be a kid reporter with IndyKids because I think kids should be more involved with issues that affect them, and because being a kid reporter is really exciting! I especially enjoy writing about issues affecting girls and women around the world.
photo Alice Brennan
I am in the 4th grade at the Earth School. I love to read, write and draw. I also love to play with my black Schnoodle puppy, Sammy. I like experimenting, making things out of yarn and/or popsicle sticks. Something I think would be a good topic to write about is doughnuts. Other good topics to write about are music, restaurants and books. I want to join IndyKids because  a classmate told me it was fun and I think it will be fun to tell people, by writing articles, about things I know.
Sizwe Sizwe Chapman
Mokgwetsi Sizwe Chapman, age 14, lives in Jackson, Mississippi. He is homeschooled and loves reading, listening to music, playing basketball and hanging out with family and friends. He writes anything he can get his hands on. He joined IndyKids in the summer of 2012, because he wanted to write at a higher level.
Alice Chekunova Alice Chekunova
My name is Alice Chekunova. I am 10 years old and I go to PS 229 in Brooklyn, NY. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and I play the violin. I also like to paint and draw things like comics, animals, and nature. I joined IndyKids because I want to inform people about new things. I think it is necessary for people to know more about what is going on in the world. I like to write about animals and the environment, and how we can work to make the world a better place.
Kalani Chen-Hayes
Kalani Chen-Hayes, 10, lives in Plainsboro, NJ and attends Princeton Friends School. He enjoys bicycling for fun. His favorite school subjects are science, math, and Spanish. He enjoys performing in his school’s musicals. He speaks and reads Mandarin Chinese. His favorite part of Indy Kids is the Kid Reporter program’s journalism and art workshops.
Evangeline Comeau-Kirschner Evangeline Comeau-Kirschner
Hello! My name is Evangeline Comeau-Kirschner. I am 9 years old and I’m in fourth grade in P.S. 99 in Queens, NY. I like karate, singing, dancing, and acting. I also enjoy swimming, running, making friends, and having a good time with my family. I like reading–especially Harry Potter–and writing. I am excited to be in IndyKids because I want to learn new things and let other people my age know about them.
Jalen Croston
Jalen Croston, 12, lives in Bronx NY and attends MS 180. He plays basketball, football and baseball. He also plays guitar, piano and drums. He came to IndyKids because he enjoys writing about current events around the world
Zippy Cruz
Zipporah “Zippy” Mary Elizabeth Cruz, 10, is from Queens, NY. She lives with her Mom, Dad and little brother. She has traveled through various states including New Jersey, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Philadelphia, Washington and Florida. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, jewelry-making and shopping.
Roky Egorho Diez
Irati “Roky” Egorho Diez is 9 years old and attends East Village Community School in Manhattan, New York. She is in fourth grade and loves horseback riding, karate and skateboarding. She also enjoys soccer and her favorite team is Real Madrid. She started writing for IndyKids in November of 2011 and looks forward to working on articles in different languages.
hassan Hassan Doostdar
Hassan Doostdar is 10 years old and lives in Chicago, where he goes to Murray Language Academy. He likes playing basketball, soccer, and football, making comics, reading, and playing video games. He has been reading IndyKids for a few years but joined as a Kid Reporter in June 2013 to write about current events and science.
Matthew Doty 2013 Matthew Doty
Hi! I’m Matthew Doty. I’m 11 years old and I live in Granville, OH which is pretty close to Columbus, OH. I attend Granville Intermediate School. I enjoy making and launching planes, rockets and basically anything that flies. I love to read. I like playing baseball and football. I also play piano, cello and I am excited to join the band next year playing trombone. I joined the Kid Reporter Program because I like to learn about new and interesting things, especially things related to science and astronomy. I enjoy sharing what I learn and learning from others.
Kallen Fenster Kallen Ellis Fenster
My name is Kallen Ellis Fenster. I am 10 years old and a fifth grader at Harbor Country Day School In Saint James, NY. My favorite subject is Social Studies because I love to learn about different cultures around the world. I like trying out different types of food because I never know what the food will taste like, and I also like to travel and go to new places. In my free time, I enjoy doodling in my notebook and creating everything from giant whales to SuperHeroes or playing video games such as Splatoon,, Minecraft ,Boom Beach, and Sim City. After school, I study Fencing and Tae Kwon Do and enjoy playing soccer. When I grow up, I am interested in becoming either a Journalist or a Litigator.
Aurelie Aurelie Franchitti
Aurelie Franchitti, age 10, lives in Manhattan and goes to P.S. 59. She has been with IndyKids since August of 2011 and published her first piece the very next month about the Duck Billed Platypus. She enjoys singing, knitting, reading and writing fiction.
Kylie Kylie Freyman
Kylie Freyman, age 9, is a student at P.S. 95 in Brooklyn. She loves to write and dance. When she grows up, she wants to be a news reporter; writing about animals, entertainment and current events.
Shawn E. Gilbert, Jr.
Shawn E. Gilbert, Jr., 13, is a very good person and likes helping people. He attends East Flatbush Community Research School in Brooklyn, and likes just being himself. His favorite hobbies are writing, reading and singing. One day he would love to be on the singing show X Factor.
Omar Omar Hassan Ali-Badia
My name is Omar Hassan Ali-Badia. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I live in the Bronx with my mother and my sister and go to school at Central Park East 2 elementary school. My hobbies include reading, math, playing videogames and playing sports. I joined the Kid Reporter Program because I thought that it would be nice to experience a life in journalism. I would like to write about new issues in the world like the government shutdown or the whistle blower matter involving Edward Snowden and Russia.
Audren II Audren Hedges Duroy
My name is Audren Hedges Duroy. I am 9 years old. I like to travel and bake/cook. I am half French and half American. I like learning outside of school. I play the cello and the piano. I like running and swimming. My favorite city is Vienna, Austria. I am on a First Lego League robotics team. I also write for my school newspaper. I travel almost every summer, in summer we live in France and Switzerland. I like observing people. I like doing things with technology and I like robots and the Mars rovers. Mars is my favorite planet aside from Earth. I can speak some French and I would like to study Sign Language and Spanish. I live in Ohio when we are not traveling.
Eleanor Eleanor Hedges Duroy
My name is Eleanor Hedges Duroy, I am 12 years old. I enjoy traveling abroad and immersing myself in the different cultures, languages, and ways of life around the world. I am an activist on social justice issues and human rights. My experiences of traveling and living in other countries helps me to understand and question current world events. I enjoy writing poetry that causes people to think. I speak French and English, I live in Ohio for nine months of the year and France and Switzerland for three months of the year. In my free time I enjoy reading, running, playing piano, string bass, and percussion/drums, and I am a member of an all-girls robotics team.
Emily Hernandez Emily Hernandez
Emily Hernandez, age 11, lives in Elmhurst, Queens. She attends The Young Women Leadership School of Astoria, an all girl school that teaches young girls to become leaders. She is in 6th include dancing such as ballet, tap and Mexican folk dance. She also plays tennis, violin and the clarinet. She enjoys the process of writing like researching and reading. As a reporter she wants to be a leader that informs people about important news happening around the world.
Nick Howard-Jennings Nicholas Howard-Jennings
Nicholas Howard-Jennings, age 10, lives in New York. He is a poet who likes to write, draw, knit, crochet and play his trumpet. He has participated in a number of poetry events that usually connect to political issues. He would like to interview and write about a political movement such as #BlackPoetsSpeakOut. He is excited to join IndyKids!
Javier Iniquez Javier Iniquez
I am 9 years old and live in Washington Heights. I am in the 4th grade at PS 311 Amistad Dual Language School. I’m on the Redtails swim team from the Riverbank State Park and I enjoy playing basketball and soccer. I love doing origami and reading Harry Potter. I joined the Kid Reporter Program because I thought it would be important to write what happens around the world for kids to know. I like working on the article and how we all worked to together to make the articles and newspaper.
Daniel Daniel Ivko
Daniel Ivko is 10 years old and writes for IndyKids. Daniel’s favorite hobbies are playing tennis, track and field and reading. Daniel is home schooled and lives in Staten Island, New York. He speaks Russian, English, Spanish and Latin. He can also write in Spanish and Latin.
Robert Robert Ivko
Robert Ivko is 12 years old and is currently starting to write for newspapers. Robert’s favorite hobbies are tennis and reading. Robert is home schooled and lives in Staten Island, New York. He speaks Russian and English and can write in Spanish and Latin.
Jalilah Jones
Jalilah Jones, age 13, Lives in Brooklyn, New York, and attends the East Flatbush Community Research School where she is in 8th grade. She loves to bake, write poems, paint and draw. She enjoys sharing her recipes as well as writing news briefs with IndyKids.
Matthew Kue Matthew Kue
My name is Matthew Kue. I am ten years old and I attend P.S.116. I am currently doing bowling, football, basketball and baseball. I play the flute, lego’s and cub scouts. I am a 1400 chess player which is very hard to be. Those are only some of my current hobbies. If I join IndyKids I can learn about how the local newspaper runs. I would probably want to do the movie reviews. For instance, the newest movie that is still hot on the block, THE LEGO MOVIE could be really easy to review because it has a simple plot.
Lily Kuzminski Lily Kuzminski
My name is Lily Kuzminski and I am 11 years old. I go to a school called City Knoll Middle School in Manhattan. My interests are: playing soccer, making art, studying journalism, writing, and cooking. I joined the program because I would love to become an independent journalist someday. The topics I am most interested in writing on are climate change and government corruption.
justin_lamport Justin Lamport
I was born on August 25, 2003, in New York City. In 2008, my Dad got a job transfer and we moved to Ghana, West Africa. There, I went to an excellent school called Lincoln Community, where I got into football, or “soccer” as Americans call it. In 2012, my Mom, brother, and I moved back to New York and my Dad followed soon after. I went to the Children’s Workshop School, then East Village Community School. I also enrolled in Manhattan Kickers Football (Soccer) Club. Currently in the 6th grade, I am at George Jackson Academy where it is quite fun. To this day I still play soccer, and also play guitar and trumpet.  I joined IndyKids to become a better writer.
hayden Hayden Leary
My name is Hayden and I am nine years old. I live in Washington Heights, New York and I go to school at PS187. My hobbies are video gaming and playing piano and I also like science and writing. I joined this program because some of my friends did this. I like writing and I want to know what it’s like to be a reporter. I want to write about either the new Pope or the new discovery on how old the universe is.
Rose Marsh
Rose Marsh, age 11, used to live in New York City, but currently lives in Maryland. She loves learning and writing about politics, which is what led her to write for IndyKids.
Natalija Marshall
Natalija Marshall, 10, is in fifth grade at PS 321 in Brooklyn, NY. She enjoys performing arts, playing the piano as well as track and field. She enjoys writing for IndyKids so that she is able to understand what is going on in the world
Photo Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez is 11 years old and attends Columbia Secondary School. He lives in Washington Heights in New York City and enjoys both listening to and playing music. His favorite foods are lobster rolls and dark chocolate. He has always been interested in journalism and joined IndyKids because he feels it’s important for kids to understand the news in order to “know what is going on in the world around them.” He hopes to cover politics and the latest technology.
Olivia Minguela Olivia Minguela
My name is Olivia Minguela. I am 10 years old and I go to P.S 212Q which is in Jackson Heights. My hobbies include ice skating, reading, exploring the globe, and love drama and singing. I happen to be Sophia Rothman’s best friend. I joined the Kid Reporter Program because I like to write book reviews and short stories about the real world.
Isabel Modell-Kowalski Isabel Modell-Kowalski
My name is Izze, I’m 12. I live in Manhattan, New York and I go to the Salk School Of Science. I love the ocean and I love to surf, I’m also really passionate about dancing and writing in various genres. I joined the Kid Reporter Program because it seemed like an interesting outlet for news delivered from kids. I like to write about human rights, ethics and injustice.
Marianne N Marianne Nacanaynay
Marianne Nacanaynay is 13 years old and attends Mountlake Terrace High School. She enjoys writing, playing the piano and guitar, and tennis. She joined IndyKids to improve and develop her writing skills. Marianne likes reporting about the ecosystem, feminism, and other social justice and civil rights issues.
Spencer Neuman Spencer Neuman
My name is Spencer Neuman and I am 10 years old. I go to school at PS/IS 187. My hobbies are tennis, video games and hanging out with my friends. The reason I joined IndyKids is because I am interested in current events and always wanted to be a reporter. I would like to write about famous and important people in the news.
Daphne IndyKids Repoter Picture Daphne Okuyama
My name is Daphne Okuyama, I’m 10 years old, and live and go to school in the East Village. My hobbies are singing and taking care of animals. I joined the Kid Reporter Program because I like to write. And I want to write about important history.
Photo Alejandra Paulino
Alejandra Paulino is 11 years old and is in 6th grade at PS 86 in Bronx, NY. She enjoys writing in her journal, reading her Kindle and listening to music. She joined IndyKids to explore new opportunities to improve her writing skills and explore new activities.
Paula Paulino Paula Paulino
My name is Paula, and I am 9 years old. I live in the Bronx and I go to St. John’s Catholic School. I love to draw, read about animals, play, listen to music and make new friends. I joined IndyKids because I want to improve my writing skills and be aware of what’s going on in our society.
Adedayo Adedayo Perkovich
My name is Adedayo and I’m 9 years old. I live in Brooklyn and go to Brooklyn New School (P.S. 146.). I play piano, sing with the Young People’s Chorus of New York City (YPC), dance, and ice skate. I joined Indy Kids because I like to write and I thought that it would be a good idea for me to develop my writing skills, and I appreciate the purpose of Indy Kids- to cover social justice issues and share the stories with kids.
Declan Peterson Declan Peterson
My name is Declan Peterson. I’m 11 years old and go to P.S. 311, Amistad Dual Language School. I like to play Minecraft, build models, use LEGOs and learn about surviving in the wilderness. I joined the kid reporter program because I want to improve my writing skills. I like to write reviews.
AnaPhelan-Headshot Ana Phelan
Ana Phelan is 9 years old and lives in Clinton Hill in Brooklyn. She is in 4th grade at the Brooklyn New School. She enjoys dancing and singing, playing piano and the harp. She has performed at Lincoln Center with the New York City Ballet and has played piano and harp in various venues. She joined IndyKids because she thought it would be fun to write stories for other people to read. She would like to write about ballet careers and astronomy.
Tanya Tanya Porcari
My name is Tanya Porcari, age 10. I live in Westchester, NY, and attend St. Anthony School. A few of my interests are flute, piano, and guitar. Also, I like volleyball, and basketball. I also enjoy aiming with my bow and arrow. One of my favorite things to do is write, and share my opinion. I also like to listen to what other people think.
Sadie Price-Elliott Sadie Price-Elliott
My name is Sadie Price-Elliott and I am 12 years old. I live in Northwest New Jersey and attend Ridge and Valley Charter School. I enjoy reading, biking and making films with friends. I joined the Kid Reporter Program to learn more on writing about our world.
Abigail Rabbitt Abigail Rabbitt
My name is Abigail Rabbitt (yes, it is pronounced like “rabbit”) and I’m ten years old. I like writing, math, and reading. I really like adventure books. I also enjoy running and riding my bike. I go to Ridge and Valley Charter School, aka RVCS. I hope that I can learn more about writing at the IndyKids workshop.
Yuuki Yuuki Real
My name is Yuuki Real and I am 12 years old. I live in Ithaca, NY. My interests and hobbies are video games, trombone, math club, book brigade, basketball, traveling/visiting national parks. My mom thought I need to improve my writing. She got me a subscription to IndyKids. I just finished reading Bill McKibben’s Earrth, so I would like to write about the environment for now, but I have many other interests.
Georgia Reed-Stamm
Georgia Reed-Stamm, age 9, attends Public School 8 in Brooklyn, NY. She loves reading, movies and having fun with her friends and family. She also enjoys writing and singing her own songs. That is exactly why she joined IndyKids!
Zola Ross-Gray
Zola Ross-Gray is 10 years old and lives in TriBeCa, a community in lower Manhattan. She loves reading, listening to music and doing handstands. She joined IndyKids because a friend recommended it. Zola is also a current subscriber to IndyKids. She is interested in writing about current events so that she can learn more about them as she writes about them.
Sophia Sophia Rothman
I am 10 years old. I live in Jackson Heights, which is part of Queens, New York, and go to school at P.S.150Q. My hobbies and interests include tennis, fashion designing, and reading all the books I can swallow. I joined the Kid Reporter Program because I was interested in journalism. I like to write about what is going on in the world.
Candace Russell Head shot Candace Russell
My name is Candace Russell, and I am 11 years old. I have a little, adorable brother named Kevin. I live in Cambria Heights, NY, and go to The Mandell School in Manhattan. I like to swim, write poems, and read stories. I joined IndyKids to write about worldwide issues that affect children like me.
malik Malik Shah
Malik Shah is nine years old and attends the Earth School in Manhattan, New York. He enjoys reading books, playing soccer, ice skating and dreaming of imaginary worlds. He joined IndyKids to learn how to gather his thoughts.
sundar Sundar Thomas
My name is Sundar Thomas. I am nine years old. I live in New York City. I go to school at PS 187. I like to play video games. I like to play guitar. I like to play sports and I like to do karate and Kung fu. I joined the kid reporter program because I like to write about movies and science and I would like to share my writing online.
photo Ayca Tuzer
My name is Ayca Tuzer. I’m 10 years old. I live in New York for now. I am Turkish. I go to the United Nations International School (UNIS). I like drawing manga, reading and riding bicycle . I joined the program because I want to find some friends and learn how to write good articles. I want to write my opinion about the movies I saw and the books I read. I may also draw manga for the paper for the events that happened.
Janaya Wilder
Janaya Wilder, age 14, is in ninth grade at Salem Academy in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She has been writing for IndyKids since October 2011, and loves writing about culture and activism. She speaks Spanish and English, and her favorite hobby is dancing.
Kanoni Wilder
Kanoni Wilder, age 11, lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She is in seventh grade at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School. She joined IndyKids in October 2011. She loves to dance, sing and she has A LOT to say. She also loves to read. Her favorite book is the Percy Jackson series.
Shemar Wilson
Shemar Wilson is 13 years old and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He goes to East Flatbush Community Research School, and is in eighth grade. He loves to write and he is very good at it. He has plenty friends as he is friendly and cool to get along with. He is a new reporter at IndyKids and he would like to continue to write for them.
Calum Wolfe-Thompson, age 9, lives in Manhattan, NY. He is in 4th grade at P.S. 187. He loves to read, write, talk, play pool, and ride his Ripstik. He also enjoys track and field, swimming and diving, and baseball. He is excited to find out what it’s like to write for Indykids
SarahCateWolfson Sarah Cate Wolfson
Sarah Cate Wolfson is 10 years old and attends Ethical Culture Fieldston School. She loves to sing and to listen to and dance to music. She has taken ice skating lessons for five years. She also loves to act in musicals. Her fourth grade teacher subscribed to IndyKids and they read it in her class. She loves journalism and reading the newspaper. She is very excited to join IndyKids to report and write about issues like sexism.
Theo Yanos
Theo Yanos is in 5th grade at PS / IS 187 in New York City. He enjoys rock climbing, reading as well as hanging out and making music with his friends. He began writing for Indykids because he thought it would be cool to write for a newspaper as a kid. He also hopes it will improve his writing skills
Photo Jackson Zavala
Jackson Woolf Newby Zavala is 9 years old and lives in Inwood in Northern Manhattan. He enjoys making stop-motion videos, playing with LEGOs and playing the cello. He has also performed in his local theatre group. He joined Indykids because he wants to write articles for the world to see. He currently writes book reviews, but looks forward to writing other kinds of articles as well.