IndyKids Team

IndyKids wouldn’t be where it is today without the dedication and tenacity of our supporters over the years. The core team at IndyKids is comprised of our Kid Reporters (click here to meet them!), parents, volunteers, mentors, editors, interns, board members and a shoe-string staff. Please meet some of the people behind IndyKids -

Jyothi Jyothi Natarajan – Executive Director
Jyothi Natarajan is managing editor at The Asian American Writers’ Workshop, where she edits the Workshop’s online magazine, The Margins. She has worked in magazine and independent book publishing for the past seven years and is a former editorial coordinator for IndyKids. She has been involved with IndyKids since Spring 2010.
Candace Hoes – Kid Reporter Program Coordinator
Candace first joined the IndyKids team as a volunteer mentor and editor in 2014. Originally from South Jersey, she moved to the New York area after completing her MFA in Writing at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. There, she served as an intern at 826 Valencia, which ignited her passion for helping students polish their writing for publication. Today, she also devotes her time to tutoring students, crafting young adult fiction, and caring for animals.
malik Malik Morangello – Distribution Coordinator
An aspiring writer from Brooklyn, Malik started as a volunteer at IndyKids in September 2012, before progressing to the position of intern. In November 2013, Malik joined the staff as Distribution Coordinator. Malik became involved with IndyKids because of his love for reading and writing. Active as a mentor, Malik enjoys working with the Kid Reporters as well as editing articles for the newspaper.
mike Mike Newton – Graphic and Web Design
Mike Newton is an artist and graphic designer living in New York City. His artwork has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Detroit, Philadelphia and Columbus, Ohio. He has been contributing design and graphics to IndyKids since 2008, and also handles various technical and administrative tasks for the paper.
Isis Isis Phillips – Chair of the Board
Isis Phillips is the Financial Director at Democracy Now!, an award-winning daily TV/radio news program. In 2008 Isis joined the Indykids team. In 2011 her passion for independent media and education moved her to Co-Found the Kid Reporter Journalism Program. As a volunteer at IndyKids, Isis trains and advises the staff on financial systems. She holds a BFA from Marymount College, during which time she was awarded a scholarship to study photography at La Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, Italy. It resulted in solo & group shows of her work. Isis has successfully combined her love of the arts, independent journalism & continuing education in Accounting & Finance at Baruch College.
Scott Luxor – Board of Directors
Scott Luxor is the lead digital visual journalist for the New York Post iPad app. Scott has been a visual journalist for print newspapers since he was 15 years old, starting as a photographer, then becoming a graphic designer and now working with animated graphic design and video. Scott loves working with kids and feels privileged to be working with some of the best young (future) journalists in the country at IndyKids.
Jon Tupas-Bio Pic-3 Jonathan Tupas – Board of Directors
Jonathan was IndyKids Program Coordinator from 2014-2016. Prior to that, he interned in DemocracyNow!’s education department developing classroom curricula around the show’s daily news segments. Originally from California, he studied sociology at San Diego State University where he was president and co-founder of the March Fourth Committee, a campus organization that fought against funding cuts to public education. An avid runner, he has completed two marathon fundraisers — the Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans, in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; and the Brooklyn Marathon, in support of IndyKids. He is currently a Helen Gurley Brown Teaching Fellow with the New York Public Library and leads NYPL Allerton’s BridgeUP college prep program in the Bronx.
Bonnie Singer – Workshop & Volunteer Coordinator
Bonnie Singer has been a TV and radio producer in the advertising industry for over 25 years and has always combined her love of children, creative writing and organizing to volunteer in the non-profit world. Bonnie says her greatest claim to fame is being called the tallest kid in the sandbox!
amanda1 Amanda Vender – Co-Founder
Amanda Vender is one of the founders of IndyKids. She teaches English as a Second Language at a public middle school in Queens, NY. Amanda is also a parent to two young kids. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and Hunter College, City University of New York.

Kid Reporter Mentors

Hannah Hannah Aronoff
Hannah is a sophomore at Tisch School of the Arts where she is studying Dramatic Writing and minoring in Marketing and Child and Adolescent Psychopathology. She’s excited to have joined the IndyKids team and finds working with kids to be one of the most rewarding things in life. In her free time Hannah enjoys performing with her Improv team, volunteering at HousingWorks Bookstore, and bike riding.
randee Angela Barbuti
Angela Barbuti has a celebrity-interview column in the NY Press. Each week, she talks to an actor, musician, chef, or writer who lives in New York City. She started her writing career in the 7th grade, as a reporter for her middle school’s newspaper in Little Neck, Queens. Her first article was about a class trip to a courtroom and she still has an original copy.
RD-crop-reunion Randee Dawn
Randee Dawn is a full-time writer and editor for web sites and print magazines including, Variety and the Los Angeles Times. She started out as an editor on her high school newspaper in Maryland, and became a regular columnist and writer for her college paper. She has been writing about music, movies, TV and books ever since, and is privileged to be able to see the next generation of young writers getting excited about journalism. You may tweet her at @randeedawn.
Girvani Dhyani Girvani Dhyani
Girvani Dhyani is a lawyer and writer who lives in New York City. She recently wrote a thriller called S.T.A.L.K.E.D. published by Harper Collins India. She loved working with the Kid Reporters and intends on coming back.
Delores Edwards Delores Edwards
Delores Edwards is a producer, writer, director and an entrepreneur. Her interest in journalism began when she enrolled in a high school honors class and later participated in a Dow Jones News Fund fellowship, (DJNF) as a teenager. A graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and Northeastern University, she’s gone on to write and produce for national, local and cable news and entertainment broadcast companies. Being an IndyKids mentor, Delores hopes that she can help inspire the next generation of reporters and journalists.
Margaux Galli Margaux Galli
Margaux is originally from Northern California and received her B.A. in Psychology from San Francisco State University. Much of her work has been in the non-profit sector mentoring youth and peer counseling women. She is currently an AmeriCorp intern at a South Bronx health clinic. She also has done freelance writing and editing. Her interests include fiction writing, art, books, traveling, and social justice. She hopes to be a source of encouragement for young writers.
alexis Alexis Jacobs
Alexis Jacobs is a freelance writer who has conducted creative, joke and poetry writing classes for kids in New York City. She possesses a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Toronto, plus many years of experience in both fiction and nonfiction writing. Alexis is also the organizer for the Writers Circle, NYC’s largest writing group.
Patrice Johnson
Patrice Johnson, a New York independent writing and editing professional, has worked freelance and on staff at consumer magazines (Newsweek, Money) and taught high school English and journalism for two years as a NYC Teaching Fellow.
Marta Lacima Ligero Marta Lacima Ligero
Marta is a journalist from Barcelona, Spain, where she worked as a sports reporter and editor for three years. Last January, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her studies in Business and Management of Entertainment, and she recently moved to New York. After experiences helping young reporters in Barcelona and Santiago de Chile, she is happy to become a mentor at IndyKids.
Elisabeth Morgan Elisabeth Morgan
Elisabeth is a student at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.  Before moving to New York, she was a freelance writer and second-grade assistant teacher in New Orleans.  Before that, she spent a year teaching English in France, in a town called Bagnols-sur-Ceze.  She likes to write, take pictures, and work with kids, and is excited to be a mentor at IndyKids!
Alison Moxley Alison Moxley
Alison Moxley is a professional writer, author and small business owner. She was trained in Journalism at St. John’s University in New York. She started her writing career at the age of four and has won numerous awards for her work. She started out as a news editor for her campus newspaper, then moved on to writing custom content for websites and private clients. She has also worked as a public speaker, conducting a workshop series at the Queens Public Library titled, “Earning a Full-Time Income as a Freelancer.” She enjoys working with the IndyKids team and helping to inspire the next generation of writers.
chisom Chisom Olajide
Chisom Olajide, a graduate of Mass Communication, has worked for over 10 years in Africa, United Kingdom and United States in several fields such as: Radio, TV, Print Media, Marketing, Public Relations and Learning Development. As a tutor, writer and a member of NYC Writers Circle, she got introduced to IndyKids and love to mentor the young reporters as a volunteer, which is one of the ways of promoting education and bringing out the best in them. She loves creative writing, poetry, short stories, features, news, reading, cooking, traveling and volunteering for Charity Organizations.
Nancy Ryerson
Nancy Ryerson is a recent graduate of New York University’s journalism school. She’s happy to be a new addition to IndyKids. Besides writing and reporting, she loves reading, playing the bassoon and vegetarian cooking.
Claudia Claudia Sader
Claudia Sader, a recent Hunter College graduate, has a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and an English minor. She is an editorial reviewer for the WOC Community, currently working on their Boundaries and Borders Anthology. She also considers herself lucky to be working with so many talented kid reporters at IndyKids. Besides reading and writing, she enjoys helping others, watching old films and a good meal. Claudia was born in Lima, Peru and moved to New York City in 2002.
Scott S. Scott Sheu
Scott Sheu is a grantmaker and communications officer at a corporate foundation. Originally from the Midwest, Scott lives in Brooklyn and also serves on the City Year New York Alumni Board.

IndyKids Volunteers

Amal Abbass
Toi Sin Arvidsson
Victoria Azurin
Ilona Bray
Jean Jacques Charles
Judi Cheng
Octavia Davis
Charisse de los Reyes
Todd Eaton
Tom English
Sossi Essajanian
Leo Garcia
Lisa Goodman
Kim Green
Natalie Havlin
Alexis Jacobs
Patrice Johnson
Danny Leventhal
Scott Luxor
Katie Madges
Bill Marsh
Katie Schlechter
Gary Martin
Elaine Matthews
Tanya McDuffy
Jyothi Natarajan
Malik Morangello
Clarissa Pharr
Isis Phillips
Diana Raimondi
Frank Reynoso
Nancy Ryerson
Matt Seifman
Scott Sheu
Bonnie Singer
Homer Smith
Jen Smith
Fanny Sosenke
Xavier Tayo