Lead Story

“Without Disruption There Is No Progress”: Activists Shape Conversations on the Campaign Trail

Activists of color have been getting involved in many ways during this year’s presidential campaign, from interrupting rallies to hosting voter registration drives.


Nation & World

FBI Tries to Take Bite Out of Apple»

The U.S. Senate is writing a bill that could force technology companies to hack encrypted devices in response to a court order.

Culture & Activism

Making Waves in Queens»

This fall, a group of transgender Latina women will open a worker-owned beauty salon in Queens.

Science & the Environment

Driverless Trucks Cross Europe»

The European Truck Platooning Challenge asked various automobile manufacturers to allow dozens of self-driving trucks to platoon, or drive collectively, through Europe.


Have Some Respect… for Chickens»

May is International Respect for Chickens Month. Unlike other livestock, chickens are not protected by the government from unnecessary suffering.


South African Students Protest for Affordable Education»

Following weeks of protests, the demands of South African student activists were met when South African President Jacob Zuma agreed to stop raising fees at public universities.